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PHAZE 1 | 1989-1994

LISTEN NOW: Apple Music | Spotify | The 1st Trippo Marx album | Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx | Recorded 1988-1992 | Mixed 1993-2001 | Definitive Edition Mixed 2003-2019 | Everyone takes their first step, and this one is mine. Smello is my oldest and most naive work, a frenetic & serendipitous series of exercises that I undertook in order to learn the art of recording and mixing demos, and it has all the charms of a long-lost, unwashed friend (happy to see you, friend, to smell you is another thing). This work is dedicated to those who instructed and/or inspired me in the difficult act of music. RELEASE DATE AUGUST 19TH 2019

LISTEN NOW: Apple Music | Spotify | The 2nd Trippo Marx album | Produced composed & performed by Trippo Marx | Recorded 1990-2002 Mixed 1993-2001 | Portions recorded live at the Austin X-Day Devival at Emo's Alternative Lounge, July 5th 1992 | Definitive Edition Mixed 2002-2019 | Bleeding Head Good, Healed Head Bad was contructed from an assortment of lo-fi recordings made between 1990-1994 relating in some vague way to the Church of the Sub-Genius. It consists of double-speed guitar improvisations and demos, portions of the 1992 X-Day Devival in Austin, Texas, and other random episodes of chaotic madness recorded on a handheld microcassette recorder, as well as a handful of unfinished pieces found on 4-track cassettes, all digitally spliced and diced together with drum loops and other overdubs into a mutant collage of Slack-Infused Bulldada designed for the most esoteric Sub-Genius Earholes, presented and narrated by the impromptu Reverends of the Church of the Perfect Fit. RELEASE DATE SEPTEMBER 16TH 2019

The 3rd Trippo Marx album | Water Damage: the process of excessive emotional attachment to unrealistic ideas...something got wet that shouldn't have and now no longer performs its proper function. This idea came from a series of dreams I have had in which I am trying to accomplish some task in surroundings damaged by broken pipes, excessive rain, standing or flowing water, etc. These dreams always give me a sense of struggling with some emotional function/dysfunction I can't quite get a grasp of. None of this collection of slightly modified demo tapes from 1993-1994 was intended to be part of a larger unifying concept, but during the digitization process they congealed into a song cycle depicting difficult struggles with emotional states, lapses into frippery and nonsense, and the eventual destruction and rebirth cycle of maturation.. RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 14TH 2019

PHAZE 2 | 1999-2002

The next four Trippo Marx albums Heterodox, The Moon Is English For Luna, Songs For An Imaginary Audience, and Mugwumps In Mukluks will see digital reissues to correct cover art and possibly include remixes and/or bonus tracks. RELEASE DATE NOVEMBER 2019-FEBRUARY 2020

PHAZE 3 | 2009-2014

Of the final six Trippo Marx albums, only Rhesus Pieces and Inside The Frame will see digital reissue, with updated cover art and/or tracks(?). RELEASE DATE MARCH-APRIL 2020

PHAZE 4 | 2020 and beyond?

I will finish and release a series of remix projects plus the unfinished Trippo Marx album Low Exposure.

30th anniversary archive series #1 and #2

This project is a condensed version of three hour long cassettes of 4 track mixes under the name "Yngwie Mwowmstein". The first cassette, Chronic, was mixed July 5th 1993, the second cassette, Anything Can Be Music, was mixed February 13th 1994, and the third cassette, Tongue In Cheese was mixed March 18th 1994. A lot of this material appears in different forms scattered across several Trippo Marx albums, but this collection provides a sampling of the initial cassette mixes, plus a few pieces that have been slightly modifed from the initial mix. R.E.M. Speedwagon began its short life as a collaboration between Mannheim Joint Roller and myself. We had never planned to do any kind of a project or be in a band, we just liked making stupid recordings. Our collection of recordings grew and grew, and eventually wound up including collaborations with his sister. For the most part, this project was about goofing off and having fun.
AUDIO Tennis Eyeball | Lepreux | Water Damage Medley AUDIO Theme From Led Zeppelin V | Beatnik Hell

project saajex + trippo


Between 1983-1988 when I was in high school & college in Houston, one of my associates was a fellow by the name of Sebastian Saajex Gregory or "Saaj"...we thought he had the coolest name ever...unfortunately, Saaj & I never were able to collaborate on a musical endeavor before I moved away from Houston, which makes the commencement of this project a really cool thing. So far, all we have are lofty ideas and a vague plan...what will happen? Who knows, but whatever it is, it will probably be pretty strange. Check out his stuff here.

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